Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Anti-Hero Favorites Ghost Rider

I can't resist loving the story of the Ghost Rider. The story of Johnny Blaze, stunt motorcyclist, who sold his soul to the arch-demon Mephisto to save his mentors life. The arch-demon fused Johnny's soul with that of Zarathos, a firey demon who's hellfire burned the flesh off of Johnny's bones leaving him as merely a flaming skull of hellfire.

The Ghost Rider rides a motorcycle that has a life of it's own, though the best representation of this takes place in the movies starring Nicholas Cage you can still see the life of his steed in the comics as well.

Traditionally speaking on the comic plotline, the above sequence not only never took place but never could have. After the tragedy befalling his mentor, Mephisto came to claim Johnny's soul only to be thwarted halfway through causing a half bind. This caused the demon Zarathos to only come out at night and only when evil was around. Given time Johnny was eventually able to wield the power of the rider even during the day when evil was not around.

The Ghost Rider has been severely slighted in terms of video games without a single game allowing you to step into the shoes of the Rider, giving you his demon powers to wreck havoc among the wicked souls that walk the earth. Despite several appearances not a single game really captures the raw power that the Rider actually has.

The demon powers that Johnny, and originating while Daniel Ketch (A different protagonist Ghost Rider for several years.) was the Rider, poses while as the Rider are extensive however he is most famous for his hellfire chains and Penance Stare. The latter being the most powerful weapon but most time costly. It is performed by the Rider looking into the eyes of the wicked, they relive as the pain they inflicted is brought onto them.

The reason why the Ghost Rider makes my list is because he hunts the wicked, sending souls to fulfill his contract with Mephisto. However, the Rider only hunts the wicked since their evil strengthens him but being half demon and wicked as the hellfire that burns off of him it would be impossible to coin him as a hero. It was reasoned that the Rider is potentially the most powerful character in the Marvel universe, rivaling the virtually indestructible Hulk.

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Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence