Saturday, January 12, 2013

Anti-Hero Favorites

I've been a big fan of Anti-Heroes for most of my life but the epitome of those are The Punisher and Sephiroth. My admiration for these characters is too great to detail all in one post so today I'll focus my attention on Sephiroth.

Sephiroth, The One Winged Angel. While though often seen throughout the Final Fantasy VII universe as a villain thanks to the addition of Crisis Core for the PSP we get to see him in a much different light. If you haven't gotten the chance to play the Crisis Core game and you have a PSP then I strongly recommend you go buy it right now. Crisis Core is the entire back story of Zack Fair, the man whom Cloud Strife spends the bulk of FF VII believing is his own life story. Cloud is still facing the turmoil of not having his own past in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, another addition to the Final Fantasy VII universe you should definitely go buy. After spending the game learning all about who Zack really was and falling for his downright uplifting personality we end up with the tragic depart depicted in Final Fantasy VII.

As moving as the Crisis Core game was it did delve into several other characters allowing an amazing opportunity to watch and experience first hand the relationship between Sephiroth and his peers, the relationship between Zack and Aerith, and Zack and Cloud after the subjugation of experiments at the hands of Professor Hojo of Shinra. Point is, that Crisis Core is a must play if only for the story. The game play itself is wonderful and does an even better job at putting players in the Final Fantasy VII universe than the original game itself did.

It was during Crisis Core that we begin to learn that Sephiroth began to go awry from Shinra only after his peers go astray. We get to see both Sephiroth's power and his self control in multiple instances and it is through this that helps show the human side of him. It is through this portion of the Final Fantasy VII universe that we finally see a distinction between Sephiroth the monster and Sephiroth the Soldier. This distinction is what allows Sephiroth to be an Anti-Hero instead of just a villain.

If you would like to buy Crisis Core you can pick it up at a great price on By clicking that link it will take you right to the game so you can pick it up. If you need a PSP you could also get that on or you could swing by Gamestop to get one.

The sheer overwhelming power of Sephiroth is by no means anything to sneer at which is an experience Cloud comes to terms with in the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is through this story that we learn that no one really dies provided they are connected through the Lifestream and that Sephiroth can be reincarnate through his avatars. You can also find Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children on as well.

In Final Fantasy VII itself we learn that Sephiroth's ultimate goal is to use the planet as a vessel to travel the cosmos just as his mother, the alien Jenova herself, once did. His ultimate goal was to find a new planet to have a fresh start on, but to do so was to forsake everyone and everything in the current planet even the planet itself.

When put in perspective, Sephiroth's power is nearly limitless yet somehow he is managed to be defeated by Cloud! Cloud... the guy who has mental issues and can barely function in the company of others. That Cloud...

At least we have the infamous incident of Nibelheim to remind everyone that Sephiroth is a force to be reckoned with!