Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Anti-Hero Favorites: Jackie Estacado

One of my absolute favorite Anti-Hero characters is Jackie Estacado, the protagonist from The Darkness and The Darkness II. Jackie Estacado is the single most twisted and dark individual I have ever had the experience of playing as a character in any video game. The video game is based on the comic book series The Darkness as well as its spinoff series the Witchblade.

I've only read a couple of the comics from either series however I am an avid fan of the video game. This game is Rated M for Mature and I strongly support this ESRB rating. This game is for adults only, it is by far the most graphic video game series I have ever witnessed. The gore is only one aspect of how graphic this video game is at its core. Other aspects of how graphic this game is would entail giving away too many spoilers but I will say that it takes the perversion of evil to new and untouched levels.

Jackie Estacado is the protagonist of the respective series. Jackie was an orphan but was adopted from a young age in a matter of speaking by Don Frankie Franchetti. Raised into the Franchetti mob family Jackie was exposed to drugs, sex, and violence from a very young age. Throughout his teens Jackie helped build the Franchetti family into the most powerful in the city. It all changed on Jackie's 21st birthday when his inner darkness culminated and he learned of his inheritance of the Brotherhood of Darkness. The Darkness was from the age of creation and the opposite of nature to the Angelus. The Darkness feeding on darkness and being from the void itself and the Angelus feeding on light and being from the light itself. The two entities have been in constant conflict since the creation, at times causing havoc upon the created. In a point of time the two entities forged a truce sealed with consummation and thus the Witchblade was born. The Darkness passes from that point through male hosts, killing the father when his first born son is consummated. The Darkness then lies dormant until his 21st birthday and then wreaks havoc on the world for several years until the consummation of a new host.

The Darkness incarnates itself in the form of two wicked serpents that the host can control through efforts of sheer will. Eventually however the host loses more control and little by little loses the ultimate internal conflict with the affliction becoming forever the slave to The Darkness. Besides the use of the serpent incarnates the host also has the ability to summon hordes of minions, vile wicked creatues, to do their bidding. In addition to these traits is also slight precognition, tentacles that allow for super strength lifting and evisceration, and nearly impenetrable body armor.

Jackie isn't just a cold stone killer however, he has a soft side for more than his share of women. In particular Jackie has a soft spot for Jenny Romano, his orphanage days companion. They have a strong and sincere relationship and connection until shortly after Jackie inherited The Darkness.

Ultimately, the power of The Darkness shall not be forsaken.

This series is not for the faint of heart, however if you feel the need to divulge your inner demons you can find The Darkness and The Darkness II for very reasonable prices.

The Darkness for Xbox 360
The Darkness for PS3

The Darkness II for Xbox 360
The Darkness II for PS3