Friday, January 11, 2013

Digimon: A Glance Back at Childhood

I was always a huge fan of Digimon, and the first three seasons really hit a special place in my childhood memories. My favorite season by far was season three when the Digi-destined were instead Digi-tamers.

Coupled in was a clever marketing ploy to implement sales for the Digimon TCG. The TCG never did quite take off as it rightly should have. I would have loved to have gotten my hands on a foil Greymon or Wargreymon.

Nevertheless it was a very well balanced season. The cards aspect took some imagination to fill in the blanks as I imagined the kids had to do chores and small jobs to earn the money they needed to buy booster packs to get the simple power cards that they needed for when their Digimon were in battle. Since Konami never touched on that aspect I just used my imagination.

Even though I felt the season finale was a huge let down, coupled with my disappointment that we didn't get a sequel season to that aspect of the Digimon universe, I still felt it made up for its lacking points throughout the rest of the season. Some of the main key points that set this season apart from the other four seasons was the graphics which were by far the best up to that point and stronger lighting elements throughout the fight scenes than the proceeding two seasons.

Better dialogue overall compared to all other seasons as well as better characters and character development. I know it was heart touching when Sora was going through her dilemma about love and the meaning of her crest in the first season but season two lacked any real character development. The only character that developed at all in season two was the Digimon Emperor growing into Ken. At least season three had not just one or two people but a total of five major character developments. Rika, Henry, Takato, Jeri, and Impmon. While though there were plenty of other characters none of them actually developed any. They were still the exact same as they were when their characters were first introduced.

The fact that some characters had to go through character development before they could obtain new levels of power...

...simply added to the overall affect that this powerful season left you with.