Thursday, January 17, 2013

Anti-Hero Favorites: Richard B Riddick

I couldn't resist the opportunity to write about one of my absolute favorite protagonists, Richard B. Riddick. Riddick is portrayed by Vin Diesel in the movies, videogames, animated films, and comic books. In the mediums in which allow voice over acting that is also done entirely by Vin Diesel. Riddick was born an Alpha Furyan on the planet Furya. Thought strangled at birth by the Necromonger Zhylaw, Riddick grew up being ignorant of the fact that he was among the last of Furyan's left alive in the galaxy as the Necromonger slew the rest to extinction.

The movies and videogames come in chronological order as Escape from Butcher Bay (Video Game), Dark Athena (Video Game),  Pitch Black (Movie), Dark Fury (Animated Film), and The Chronicles of Riddick (Movie). Each of which having a profound impact on developing the intrinsic character that is Richard B. Riddick. Despite the challenge that the video games pose I strongly recommend them to any fan of the series for their storylines which only help to expand on the already diverse universe. From the pits of Butcher Bay to the bowels of Crematoria there isn't an aspect of the Riddick universe that should be left untouched.

Some of the more interesting traits of Riddick are often the more bold. Riddicks eyeshine, despite the story he weaves was actually a gift from his bloodline to help protect him in the dark. To protect his hyper sensitive  eyesight he is forced to wear a pair of goggles. The specific goggles aren't important but they have to be to the same degree of protection as a welder would use. Thus one of Riddick's biggest strengths is also one of his biggest weaknesses.

Despite being a cold killer with a blatant disregard for lives of others, Riddick has proven to have a soft spot for children. Going so far as to risk his own life to save that of Kyra. The girl whom he first meets during the escapades of Pitch Black. Adding even more of the downright infamous string of quotes that we have gotten from the movies.

"How's it look?" - Johns, Pitch Black
"Looks clear." - Riddick, Pitch Black  
"You keep what you kill." - The Chronicles of Riddick

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