Friday, January 18, 2013

Facebook Game Apps: Galaxy Legion

I'm one of the biggest critics when it comes to Facebook game applications so for me to find one that I actually enjoy playing is a rare feat. One of my absolute favorite games on Facebook is called Galaxy Legion. I actively play this game daily and am part of a large network of other players however... the thing that I like most about this game is that you don't have to add anyone to play! Let me say that one more time, you do not have to add a single person in order to play the game.

There are a few main focal points to this game. You want to improve your ship, acquire more and better planets, Legions (Guilds of players), there is PvP, and NPCing. There are other aspects of the game as well but those are the main points. Another great thing about this game is the fact that if you don't like how it's going then you can simply reset from the Help section and start over again! Some players do this after acquiring limited items that you can only get X amount of times and selling them for Complex Tech Parts (a very valuable in game commodity) on the Galaxy Legion Forum Trading Post Section. This is one way to get very rich in the game and then you can use your acquired wealth to purchase planets and other in game valuables.

Planets come in a wide variety of shapes, types, and sizes. The more valuable ones being larger with higher production values. Planets can produce one of three different resources; Minerals, Artifacts, and Research. Of the three possibilities Artifacts are indisputably the most valuable of the three as you can receive essentially free stat points to help improve your ship. Planets can be improved by general means to 15x Mega Rich in any of the given production. In order to help put into perspective the value of these resource types you should consider the following:

15x Mega Rich Very Large or Massive Mineral production planets are worth approximately 1,200 Complex Tech Parts,
15x Mega Rich Very Massive  or Colossal Research production planets are worth approximately 3,500 Complex Tech Parts, and
15x Mega Rich Very Massive or Colossal Artifact production planets are worth approximately 15,000+ Complex Tech Parts.

The larger the size of the planet the more structures you can place on it, thus generating more resource production or additional attack, defense, and/or cloaking structures. Of all the different variations it is indisputable about the most valuable naturally occurring planets are Dyson planets. Dyson planets are extremely rare but do exist and can produce on their own without any augmentation incredibly high amounts of production (I.E. 44x Mega Rich Artifact Production). If you're on the hunt for a planet it is definitely for Dyson planets.

You use the resources gathered from your planetary production to better your ship. When you start the game you get your choice of species from six starter species, the rest you unlock later after completing various energy intensive missions. The ship design you can use from the beginning is based on the species selection that you've started with however more ship designs will become available to you as you progress through the game which only adds to the appeal of playing.

You can join your ship up with other ships and form Legions. Players can contribute collectively towards their Legion base and participate in Legion battles, as well as enhance their base to produce resources which can be collected daily. Legions also offer bonuses to attack, defense, and stealth for planets you control. Experienced players in a Legion often offer detailed strategy, tips, and even free artifacts to newer players.

PvPing and NPCing coincide within the same basic battle system and contribute to a large portion of game play. Elite and Boss NPC units should be shared with your Legion as most allow 3-12 players to join in and add collective damage to the NPC and share the loot drops. All NPCs give experience as does every hit on another player. Focus on the PvP aspect of the game allows you to gather badges. Badges can be traded in for artifacts that buff specific stats, modules for your ship, planetary structures, and to lock enemy bases. 

You can earn badges by disabling other players (Red Badge per disable),
raiding other players (Can only be done after enemy ship is disabled, Yellow Badge), 
hacking an enemy player (Blue Badge, can be done when your cloaking is higher than your enemy scan), 
invading an enemy (Green Badge per invasion), 
attacking enemy bases during base battles (Silver Badge, amount varies based on damage done), and
disabling specific NPC enemies (Dark Badge one per disable of these enemies)

Finally you can enhance your gaming experience by purchasing Galaxy Points with USD and other exchangeable currencies. The items vary and there are seasonal items that come and go with various events. It is through the GP Store that you can purchase items such as the Reality Transfuser which can unlock the Analyze option on a planet allowing you to analyze a planet to unlock a permanent event on the planet. This includes; Planetary Rings, Large Moons, Small Moons, and Advanced Civilization Ruins. This is definitely a game that once you get comfortable with you'll feel very well about paying a little cash to enhance your playing experience. The game is free and this is the only way for the developers to make money so be sure to show your support.

All in all Galaxy Legion is one of the single most well rounded gaming experiences I've had the pleasure of having in any of my years as an avid gamer. While though I'm not very big into most Facebook games I have definitely grown very fond of Galaxy Legion and the many facets that this game has to offer.