Monday, January 14, 2013

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Under the Spotlight

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y announcement trailer:

So Pokemon X and Pokemon Y official announcement has been released marking the beginning of the 6th generation of Pokemon. There are several key points to focus on with this groundbreaking new gen...

Pikachu will be in this game! Yup... that's right Pikachu! That's what you were hoping for and the entire reason you stopped by to read, right?

Right... so the focus is on the new style this game is taking as well as the new starter Pokemon. The game style itself is apparently to take upon that of Europe more specifically that of France. Now I'm not on board with the rumors circulating regarding European conflicts being a back light to this game and I'd like to remind everyone not to believe rumors just because a couple hundred people are talking about it. Lets just keep the focus on the Pokemon and check out our new starters.

We'll start off with the one everyone is talking about, Fenniken.

Fenniken is the Fire Type started, a fox Pokemon. While though we don't know what any of the evolutions look like speculation is definitely in favor of a more masculine Ninetails variation. Regardless of speculation for one of the first stage evolution Pokemon Fenniken is definitely one of the very best looking. Coupled this with the 3D graphics this game is hosting and you've got a very impressive package.

The next Pokemon is the Grass Type Pokemon Chespin.

While though Chespin has been receiving a ton of criticism so far I feel it has a very clean art style and could turn into a very well rounded Pokemon in its evolutionary tract. Generation VI could prove to be the first generation that gives a good balanced starter line up with Chespin being potentially one of the best starter Grass Types to have ever been released. There are only six different starters so I can safely make that assumption and at the very least Chespin looks kinda cool.

Finally we have Froakie, the Water Type Pokemon.

Froakie has received the greatest amount of criticism but I'm still failing to understand why. It is a water type so naturally it is going to be styled for water affinity. In this case it's a frog, something I feel the franchise has long been lacking in terms of starter Pokemon. I'm fairly confident in assuming we're going to see it evolve into a Battletoad looking Pokemon as its final evolutionary stage with Water/Fighting Type attributes.

Another thing that has been receiving a ton of criticism has been that the game is geared for the sole use on the Nintendo 3DS. The moans and groans about how expensive they are I feel is unnecessary since you can pick them up fairly cheap on The Ninetendo 3DS is a solid piece of hardware that has long been lacking exclusive games to help drive sales and with the small exception of a few Mario games there hasn't really been a driving force within the market to actually go and purchase it until now since everything else worth playing on this medium is available as cross compatible with the Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo DS Lite.

Ultimately I feel as though a Pokemon game of this caliber is long over due and I'm interested in seeing what other Pokemon will be introduced in this generation, hopefully some of the Pokemon that have long been lacking love since Gen I and Gen II will finally get what they deserve in terms of prevolution and evolutionary stages.